Button with markdown type text

I want to display text like this even after using break I am not able to see the break on the button text

button text

Hi there! It’s currently not natively possible to have button text respect HTML or markdown, but we could either try Custom CSS or maybe a different component with an event handler that basically functions as a button! Would something like that work for you? If so, happy to help get you set up!

Hi Sejal! Just wanted to share a quick update with you. Since this currently in possible in Retool, I created an internal feature request for our product team to take a look at! Once I have any updates to share, I'll reach back out in all of the threads about this issue :blush:

Yup @victoria
We can use another component
Can you suggest me any?
I tried button, text, link

Exciting news, @SejalVaghasiab—button components now support multi-line text! :tada:

Thank you for taking the time to share this request with us and for helping us improve our product.

(Will share this message in our other open feature request thread as well)

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@victoria Thank you so much :slight_smile: