EventHandlers doubling on each Navigation component when moved

Hi Retool team, I didn't find anything on this topic, hopefully not repeating,

Im building Menu navigation component in manual configuration,

I noticed that every time i move Menu Item that has Event Handler attached to it, my app lags a bunch and event handlers get doubled for all Menu Items.

I tried deleting these doubled Event Handlers manually but it takes up to 1min to process this deletion and website completely freezes during this. I suspect component data is not cleaned even after deletion of doubled Event Handlers, because during this time my app became increasingly unresponsive and takes much longer to load on fresh start and almost impossible to add new Event Handlers to Menu Navigation items (buttons, tables and other parts work fine).

Does someone has an idea of what is the underlying issue and how could we fix this?
Let me know if any additional information is missing

Hey @Juozas_Streikus, sorry you are hitting this issue. Can reproduce, and I've submitted a bug report for this. I will update you here as I get any additional information to share.

Any update on this? It is getting very annoying at this point to have to go through and clean up every duplication when I want to reorder or move items around.

Hey @PaFi, no updates as of right now. I've bumped the internal ticket with your information and will update everyone here as I get any new information to share.

I found a workaround. After you move an item, immediately do Ctrl + Z to undo. This removes the duplication of the event handlers but does not undo the item. Life saving.

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