Lingering events on component


I was working on Events of a navigation component
but lots of events of the navigation component still linger even though I removed the corresponding event / code.
Could you help me figure out how to remove it?

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Hi @Max, this was a bug that was resolved 3 weeks ago. I'm surprised we are still running into this. Are you on Cloud or Self-hosted?

I am on Cloud and I've had this issue on this specific component for over a month but since there has been no tech issue with that, I just let it stay like that.

But it a bit bothers me so I wanted to remove it.

Using "Manual Mode" I am able to add event handlers and remove them with the state reflecting the changes:

Adding four event handlers:

After removing two:

With "Mapped Mode" I have the same results with one exception:

If the event handlers were added on "Manual" mode, then switched to "Mapped", the former event handlers will not be automatically removed.

When we remove the events on "Mapped", the state still updates but the ones added on the other mode will linger, and vice versa. Could you check if there are some events that were added on a different mode?

If this is not the case, could you try duplicating the component and see if the issue goes away? I'm unable to repro this bug, but I'm happy to dig deeper.

Thank you for the kind answer.

The component was set to the Mapped mode and there was only 1 event.

Furthermore, there was no item in the Manual mode.

I just created the same navigation component and set the attributes with the same values and removed the old one.

Now the new navigation component does not have any warning on it.

You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
Are the events added/removed in real time now? Or do we still have lingering events on the new component?

Oh as I mentioned in the previous comment, the new (not duplicated but same) component does not have any lingering events.