Event handlers for menu items in navigation not working properly

I came across a bug related to the navigation bar, where adding an event handler to a menu item does not work. More specifically, it's always the last created event handler that does not work, which starts working once you created a new menu item.
I used "Scroll into view" with the smooth scroll option for my event handlers. Sometimes the scroll into view works but the smooth scroll does not.

Hi @seppi,

I'll flag this as a bug to our team!

I am trying to reproduce this issue where the last created event doesn't work for our team. I created two event handlers for Menu Item 3 and they both trigger successfully when I click the menu item

From what I have seen, the issue is very specific to the scroll behavior. Is that what you're seeing? It seems like smooth scroll setting specifically isn't working initially in our GUI event handler. :thinking: I'm not sure why but I was able to reproduce this issue. I also see that if I create a new menu item with a new event handler, I eventually get the scroll into view GUI to work. If you need a workaround, it seems like it is working consistently in a run script event like this:

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Hey @Tess ,
thanks for reporting this bug to your team.

The workaround I used was to create a dummy event handler that I would delete later on.

I reported this bug more so because it started to annoy me :smile:

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