Navigation event handler not working on first item

I created some functionality which bulk updates selected column.

The navigation component looks like this:

and is set up as such:

where each event handlers is triggered on click.

This works perfectly fine, except for the first item in the navigation menu. So all options works except for "brieven:". The problem is that the event handlers are simply not triggered, when brieven is selected. This is a reproducible bug, where it occurs for all components set up this way.

Has anyone encountered this behaviour?

Hey @Jeroen_Vermunt!

Thanks for surfacing this. I've tried reproducing the issue but have been unsuccessful so far:

Would you mind sharing screenshots of the event handlers you're using? Also, how is each element of {{ }} structured? I'm curious where the UTM medium parent label is coming from.

Hi @Kabirdas,

I was able to reproduce the issue like so:

Ah! Thank you for that!

I'll bring your repro to the dev team and can let you know here when the bug has been fixed!

In the meantime, if you add the parent label to the list of mapped items does it work properly?

It seems to work by just changing the data sources to

  "names": ["names", "foo", "bar"]

Though a better setup might be something like:

In the case of your dynamically generated lists, you could try something like:

{{ ["Owner",]  }}

Does that work for you as well?