[BUG] First option in navigation tabs not working

[Related issue from Jan 2023: Navigation event handler not working on first item]

I have two navigation components set up as such:

RecordsOptions (the navigation's data source) looks like this:


and looks like this in the UI:


Just like in the related issue linked above, none of the event handlers trigger when clicking on the first item, for both navigation components. It is clickable but nothing happens. I've tried adding simple event handlers such as confetti or console.log but to no avail. The rest of the menu items are working perfectly fine.

I was able to confirm that the nonresponsive menu items are working fine by implementing a search bar (Select component) that fires the same event handlers as the navigation. No problem when selecting them via the search bar. (This is my current workaround so users are able to navigate to them.)

Hi @lazymaplekoi,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm seeing the same bug on my side & have checked in with the internal team that owns this component. I don't have an eta yet, but, hopefully, we can ship a fix soon :crossed_fingers:

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