Tab_bar / header_organizer Click and Change events

I have a tab_bar and a header_organizer. The tab_bar does not have any event handlers so I am assuming that the Click and Change events defined on the (related) header_organizer ought to trigger when the user navigates using the tab bar tabs.

I have defined two event handlers: one for Click and one for Change. They do nothing but output a message to console.log.

But I never see the message. It was defined in a script.

Then I changed the event handlers to "notifications" and this works; I can see a CHANGE event is triggering a notification.

I then changed them back to "Run script" handlers with the text:

console.log('is the header organizer CHANGE script running?');

And no luck. Nothing in the log.

I then do a browser refresh and restart the app and this time the log statements appear.

This seems super bad. For three separate reasons:

  1. Outputting bits of state to console.log seems to be one of the only ways to trace through code and understand what it is doing; absent a breakpoint-and-inspection capability.

  2. If the code does not run at all then whole bits of logic are just not happening with no error message or any kind of warning. Your app isn't doing what you think it should be doing and you have zero visibility.

  3. Slightly less bad is the code IS running but console.log is broken so you just have no idea it is running. If it is running and working you may have some idea. If it is running but not doing what you think it should be doing you are in trouble. You can't trace it, have no visibility, etc. Assuming you write perfect code the first time it works great. But that would not be me. :roll_eyes:

Hey @Roland_Alden!

It looks like there is a bug on our end though it appears to show up in very specific cases. I can imagine folks spending a lot of time trying to figure out why things aren't logging properly so thanks for surfacing this! We'll continue to investigate it and report back here when there's a fix.

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