Errors that claim a component "intersects" with another component

Selecting each element individually while scrolling to the mobile view option to make it true is one of the most tedious processes. The situation is made worse by the occurrence of errors that claim a component "intersects" with another component.

Any workaround for this? a component "intersects" with another component

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Can you help out support here by posting some screenshots, both of your flow and the error you're getting?

I'm not sure support will need any help with this - it happens all the time and is incredibly tedious.

Just choose some components to show on mobile. Then add another one and then try to show that - viola!

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Hi @njgage You're right :disappointed: Unfortunately, this is a known issue. I don't have a timeline yet, but I'll post here when our team is able to ship a fix

The "solution" is pretty manual until we can get a fix. If you're seeing an error like "Could not make visible on mobile because component intersects with ComponentName", you'll need to go to ComponentName, and toggle visibility. Sometimes, you will get the same error with another component. Once you get to a component that isn't throwing the error, toggle visibility on that component, and then you can go back and show previous components.