S3 upload files to digital ocean

S3 works great with digital ocean in all ways EXCEPT for file uploads. Using the s3 file explorer template, my s3 digital ocean resource works great for the "allFiles" and "filePreview", and "downloadSelectedFile" queries; but not for the s3 upload button.

That one fails with this: {"message":"The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.","code":"InvalidAccessKeyId","region":null,"time":"2020-11-04T17:34:44.122Z"....

I don't receive this error for any of the other s3 action types. Just this one. I think Retool is probably making an assumption somewhere for the s3 upload button that the resource is AWS, and I'm hoping a change can be implemented to allow non-AWS s3 resources to upload files.

I asked about this a year ago, too: Using S3 resource (digitalocean) to upload file. Tried some other things in the meantime, but still wanting this to work!


:+1: Bump! Failing on my end too ever since


Same issue here! Isn’t it because of the region:null ?

Can confirm this is an issue for me as well. It would be great if this could be resolved. Unfortunately it does seem to be a long-standing bug, which doesn’t get my hopes up for a quick turnaround on a fix.

Same for us too, any update on this issue?

Hi all! This bug should have been fixed a couple weeks ago :blush:

It looks like the problem can arise when you don't have the allow all headers set in the CORS settings:

And here's a Retool blog post about connecting to the DigitalOcean Spaces API that might be helpful! https://retool.com/blog/building-a-file-uploader-app-with-digital-ocean-spaces/

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