S3 upload deprecated but no instructions?

Apparently out of nowhere you have deprecated the S3 Uploader, which was an amazing component and easy to use. Instead you now recommend the file Input or file dropzone. But you provided no documentation whatsoever for connecting the this input to S3. Retool is a low-code/no-code platform. If I have to actually code the entire S3 upload as I would do in a regular react application, then what is the point of a file uploader component? Nobody actually expects to just upload a file into the browser. They need to do something with it. Please provide documentation on how to hook up the File Input to S3 or some instructions.

I've tried for an hour to upload a file, but it doesn't work.

Following the instructions here: Query S3 data | Retool Docs - and I have set the default upload to: public-read. No matter what I do, though the image uploads, but it is not shown, unless we go in an specifically change the file in S3 to be read publicly.

The strange thing is that using the former S3 Uploader widget, everything works perfectly fine and the ACL we set is respected. The images upload and we can see them. With the new file input, the resource ACL is never respected and the file is always uploaded as private. There is no difference whatseover between teh resource we used in the S3 uploader and the file input. The only think is t that the file upload does not respect the S3 ACL settings.

Hi @ddsgadget,

Yes, the S3 Uploader was recently deprecated. If you'd like, you are more than welcome to continue using it. Please see my colleague's comment for steps or read below. Please let me know if you run into any issues!

The S3 Uploader component is considered a legacy component, and we are in the process of deprecating some of our legacy components. The newer File Upload, File Button, and File Dropzone components supersede the S3 Uploader component with more functionality and better styling controls. Since these are generic upload components, it does require some configuration to hook up to your S3 bucket (namely, creating a query using your S3 resource and setting it up to read the data from the upload widget).

However, we understand that you may rely on the legacy component and may want to continue using it -- in which case, you can bring back deprecated components by toggling a setting. Click on your user icon on the top right from the app listing page, click "Settings", click "Beta"(https://[your-subdomain].retool.com/settings/beta), and toggle on the "Deprecated components" setting.

Thank you for your quick response. The issue is that the new File Uploader doesn't work, as it does not respect the ACL settings from the S3 Resource which you connect to the File Uploader. We know there is nothing wrong with our set up, because when we use the Legacy S3 Uploader Widget with the same exact resource set up, the files upload file and are public. However, when we connect the same resource to the new File Uploader all the images upload as private. So we can't even use the new File uploader. It doesn't work.

I'd recommend using the S3 Uploader to unblock you for now.

Would you mind sharing the setup for the resource and the query you're running?