Retool Groups and Permissions Wishlist


Just wanted to make a list of things that I think would improve Retool's permission section.

Defining Environment Level Access : Love that we can configure multiple environments now! This is super helpful for when someone has a dev, staging and production environment. However, currently from my understanding, there isn't a way to give someone access to only one of these environments without giving access mode or only access to production.

Group level variables: I would love to be able to define a variable that is associated to a specific group and access it in app in the global users section. This would allow us to default filter queries based on a user's group and manipulate user's experience via this variable

A faster way to hide/disable components based on a user's group: Currently you have to write a bit of code to hide /disable a component based on a user's group. I feel like I would use this feature more often if I had a dropdown where I could select the groups in which I want a component to show for.

Group documentation and description:: Currently there isn't a description section for a group. I think that for growing companies that might assign group admins quickly it might help to describe the type of user that should be in said group beyond the group's name.

The Ability to rename groups after creation: Pretty self explanatory

Define default theme for a group: This would be a nice have :slight_smile: - TO be able to switch app themes based on a user's group.

List of applications available to a given user in-app : Would love this feature for navigation bars as well as navigation style apps.

Think that is probably it for now! :slight_smile:

Figured I'd also mention this little nit - if searching for users in permissions module it does this funky capitalization thing
Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 10.47.03 AM

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Thanks for the very thoughtful list of requests. We are definitely thinking about solving for many of the requests you have made including Defining Environment Level Access, A faster way to hide/disable components etc.

Ability to rename groups seems like a basic feature indeed. However a lot of our SSO group sync mechanism relies on the names to be exact. So, we will have to figure out a way to solve for this without breaking existing group mapping mechanisms.

Could you elaborate a bit more on the "List of applications available to a given user in-app" request please and how you would use it.

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Thanks for the reply @arun.retool !!

On the "List of applications available to a given user in-app" - the same way that when you currently click a user in the permissions settings and see their available applications, I'd like to have this list as a global variable inside the Retool environment. This would come in handy when creating navigation components, navigation landing pages and dynamically hiding tabs in-app based on whether or not a user has access to an application. (imagining a module that is in a tabbed container and I'd like to hide that tab completely if the user doesn't have access to that module)

Noted. Thanks Joey.

Hello! Just wanted to share that environment based permissions are going to be on the back burner for a bit while we prioritize work on Retool’s Source Control.

In the meantime, there’s a workaround for on-prem orgs. You can run multiple instances, where each instance represents one environment. You can then set permissions differently for each of these environments.

Let me know if anyone has any questions I can help answer, and please do continue to write in with your +1s and use cases for this feature!