Embedding AWS Quicksight Dashboards into Retool

Hi folks,
first off, been seriously impressed by the product you guys put together. It’s really been a game changer and allowed me to deliver so much value in a very short amount of time. However, there are the cases where Retool simply doesn’t cut it.

Case in point: I need to deliver a massively large table to my users (12x2 columns), all read-only (I know, 24 columns isn’t really visual anymore, but that’s what my users want SIC!).

This would be easy if I was using either Tableau or Looker, as you guys already support embedding these. However, we’re using AWS Quicksight, which has its own headache for embedding, see here:
Mainly, the whole IAM magic needs some server interaction which i’m really not sure can be handled in Retool:
Any plans on integrating additional BI & Analytics solutions that support embedding?

Thanks a lot and cheers from Scandinavia!


Hey @zimmerst85, good to hear from you again! No existing plans for a Quicksight integration unfortunately :frowning:

Bump this requirement would open up retool for our use cases

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Hi @usman – there’s some hope as AWS is working on a better integration of their embedding capabilities with a rather soon delivery AFAIK. Will let you know on this post once this works and how to embed QS in Retool.


Any news here? Amazon Quicksight Integration seems to be handy when the whole data and analysis needs to be on AWS.