Embedding AWS Quicksight Dashboards into Retool

Hi folks,
first off, been seriously impressed by the product you guys put together. It’s really been a game changer and allowed me to deliver so much value in a very short amount of time. However, there are the cases where Retool simply doesn’t cut it.

Case in point: I need to deliver a massively large table to my users (12x2 columns), all read-only (I know, 24 columns isn’t really visual anymore, but that’s what my users want SIC!).

This would be easy if I was using either Tableau or Looker, as you guys already support embedding these. However, we’re using AWS Quicksight, which has its own headache for embedding, see here:
Mainly, the whole IAM magic needs some server interaction which i’m really not sure can be handled in Retool:
Any plans on integrating additional BI & Analytics solutions that support embedding?

Thanks a lot and cheers from Scandinavia!

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Hey @zimmerst85, good to hear from you again! No existing plans for a Quicksight integration unfortunately :frowning:

Bump this requirement would open up retool for our use cases

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Hi @usman – there’s some hope as AWS is working on a better integration of their embedding capabilities with a rather soon delivery AFAIK. Will let you know on this post once this works and how to embed QS in Retool.