Retool database imports & S3

Hey, will we ever be able to import more than 3mb to retool database?

Also, in the developer day stream, someone mentioned Retool S3, for image storage. Is this something retool provides or did I misunderstand?


Hey @jimhuds!

There currently isn't a timeline for raising the upload limit but it is definitely something on the radar! As for S3, there is an S3 uploader component as well as an S3 resource integration, could either of those be helpful for your use case?

@Kabirdas Thanks for the info!

I'd prefer not to touch AWS for now. I noticed the image component stores uploaded files. Is this a planned feature? Is there any way to manage the images that have been uploaded?


Yep! The image component will store uploaded images for people on Business or Enterprise plans. This has somewhat limited functionality, however. There are requests open for expanding its functionality by allowing users to delete images or commit images to Source Control, for instance. Generally though, if you're looking for a robust way to manage uploaded images it's likely best to use another storage method.