Eliminating cross button in modal

Is there a way we can hide the cancel button in modal?

I don't have any cancel button in my modals. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of it?

Hey @Meline Can you see this, right top button. I want to disable that.

Thank you for the screenshot.
Sadly I don't think that it is possible, unless you can change its setHidden property somehow?

This would be a nice feature to have! :thinking:

Yes, Cross at the top-right should be an optional


Hey there :wave: I am going to move this to our feature requests as it is not currently a functionality. Thanks for the feedback here!

+1 on this.
In addition to this even a confirmation modal if you want to close the modal (i.e. "All info will be lost, are you sure you want to proceed?")

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Hey folks,

Ran into this with another user and wanted to loop back. We can get around this with a little custom CSS to hide the modal X icons in the app under App settings ... icon -> Scripts and styles -> CSS. If you have multiple instances of modals in the app, you just might need to be more specific in your CSS selector.



Thanks for this!
One less headache.
This way I am able to fully control the modal! :smiley: