Editor UI Design

Glad to see the new editor is getting some design love.

Feels like app building is turning into a click fest:

  • Before - Enable Transformer, Now: Enable Transform Result > Enable Transformer

  • Similar to that previously choose manual or automatic, Now: Run Behavior Expand > Choose

  • Same goes for Event handlers

These are all frequently used options and nesting them with 1 additional click doesn't make sense.

Could we please have these options expanded by default or have a setting around it.
I can see these collapsible containers making sense with more features added but not with the current state.

Hello @stefancvrkotic!

Thank you for the feedback! Will let the product team know.

I would guess that we have some additional features in the work, which would be inside of these nested options for the queries.....stay tuned.....

An option to expand by default is a great idea, might confuse new users if they don't see an option where they would need to scroll down but having it off by default and able to toggle could definitely speed up accessing nested options.

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