A few New Inspector change requests

  1. I would like the option to show all advanced settings rather than making me pop them out. Think of it like a treeview's expand all option. I personally find that hiding them is less efficient for how I work.

  2. The add-on and new table column settings replace the main component settings. I prefer a flyout. Specifically I liked how the old table's columns flyout worked, I could go from column to column more efficiently.

  3. For the Add-ons, especially label, I would like to be able to edit the label text in the Add On list without needing to open the full label settings. Like how I can select an icon or edit a Tooltip without being dropped into a separate context. If I want to do more than change text I can get the label details flyout.

  4. Styles. I see little reason to make us activate the specific style we went to edit - and it adds time. If you want to keep the list of properties short, make it a flyout. But my Expand All option (#1 above) would put them all back in the main view.

  1. Required should not be in the validation rules list, it should just be a standard option. I think the whole paradigm of adding properties to some list so you can use them has no real benefit and adds time.

Hi Bradly!

Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to make sure we address some of this:

  1. We are in the middle of exploring options where we give users ways to set default settings for their apps. For example, showing all advanced properties in the Inpsector by default, or setting certain properties to default true (e.g. "Show on mobile"). We're still scoping this out and still TBD where this sits in our roadmap, but this is great feedback that we will take into account!

  2. This is really good feedback, and we'll take this into consideration when exploring another iteration of the Inspector whether a flyout vs. stacked navigator is the best choice as we continue to add more properties to our components.

  3. We had considered this user interaction, but we landed on a compromise where if you click on a "Label" it navigates you to its inspector but also auto-focuses your cursor on the label's value property so that it still takes one click. We'll definitely take your feedback into consideration but wanted to explain more on the rationale here!

  4. / 5. The main motivation around hiding all the styles and validation rules until you click to add them onto the Inspector pane came from de-cluttering the Inspector and surfacing only the most frequently used properties upon first load of the Inspector for a component. While this is more tailored towards the new user experience, I can understand this is frustrating for existing users who now need extra clicks to add the styles or validation rules they want. We're exploring design iterations where we can satisfy both goals. One possible solution is similar to what I wrote in (1) where we allow users to add default property values in apps. We'll continue to explore other solutions and take this feedback into consideration as we plan the next iteration!