Editor freezes every time I type code

I love workflows, you've done a great work. The problem is that today I started getting too much lag for a workflow I'm developing. Every time I want to type some code the editor freezes and in a few seconds all what I typed is shown at once. This makes the editor almost completely unusable.

The workflow I'm developing is not even that big, so I consider this a major blocker from using workflows.

I tried restarting the browser and checked my computer RAM and it's okay.


Hi @Andres_Espinosa1 ,

Are you seeing this issue with all blocks or only some types of blocks? Would it be possible to share a screenshot of a workflow where you see this happening to help diagnose the issue?

@andrei not sure if it's the same, but here's my issue with the editor where the editor is removed from focus every second I type.

i don't know if it's useful information or not but i've noticed a tab with a workflow open uses up more memory than a different tab with the module that uses the workflow. chrome is reporting 535mb for the workflow tab and 380-466mb for the module tab. to compare, a tab sitting on the main org page that lists all the apps and stuff is at 144mb and a retool db tab is at 161mb. all tabs have been viewed recently (they aren't inactive) and all values were taken while viewing the forum in another tab. ya'll might wanna check the Task Manager to rule out memory problems if you haven't already :beers:

i have the same issue as @tiffany . Checked the Console log on the browser and it stated this:

Thanks for reporting this! There is a bug with the email block editor causing it to lose focus while typing. It will be fixed as part of the next release.

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