Editing Workflows in Safari Hanging

In the last week I seem to have hit an issue where editing workflows in Safari is hanging. It’s particularly prominent when trying to add a new block or duplicate an existing block.
When this happens a browser refresh doesn’t help.

It’s a rather large and complex workflow (compared to others I have) but it only takes a minute or two to run so it can’t be that bad…

Hi @mawdo81 :wave: ,

Thank you for your post! Have you tested your workflow out in other browsers? Would you mind sharing an export of your app? We'll reproduce it on our end.

Hi Abbey,
Chrome is similar, albeit not quite as bad. Where would you like me to share it? Does the export only reference resources? No actual details of the resource set up included?

You can send in a DM by clicking my username and the the button that says Message.

The export wont contain any resources or reference to them. You can read more about Imports and Exports in our Docs and there's a nice How-to on Exports at the bottom.

So far I'm not seeing the same issue with the workflow, but I'd still like to escalate this with our team. Could you also provide a screen recording, and confirm if this is only happening with this workflow?

Would you mind sharing more information on the machine you're using. It may also be helpful to monitor your CPU usage before opening the app and after. I'm wondering if you have a high usage and that might be impacting performance.

Sorry for all the questions at once :slight_smile: