Dynamic Columns aren't included when downloading data from new table

Hey there!

I have a table (new version) that is displaying some data for us. Unfortunately, when we go to export it to CSV using the built-in toolbar we only get the defined columns and not any of the dynamic ones. Is that expected? Is there a way to ensure we get the dynamic columns in the csv export too?

Hi @Kyle_Tilman Thanks for reaching out! Are you referring to columns created by the dynamic column settings?

It looks like we have a bug where the dynamic column labels don't show in the csv export, but the column values should be there still :crossed_fingers: If that is the bug you're running into, I'll let you know when we have a fix. If you're seeing a different issue, let me know!

Hey @Kyle_Tilman,

just came across the same issue. Depending on how fast you are moving, you can simply wiggle around it like that

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