Download demo application json


there's an application named "Product Spec Extraction" on this page "Retool AI Utilities | Product Spec Extraction".
Is that possible to download the json file and how to proceed ?


You can sign in and then click on the try app button. This will open this up to your Retool account. Then, you can use the three dots at the top right corner to export this app into JSON. To make your life easier, I already attached the JSON. Feel free to use it. Thanks.

Product Spec Extraction.json (33.6 KB)

Thanks for your reply.
Everytime I sign in, it opens my applications hub. If I go on the "use cases" page (Use cases for Retool) and open an app then I have to sign in again and I go back to my application hub. This is an endless loop.
I guess I missed something but what ?