AI Plotly Generator

I found this great demo and wanted to try it in my existing account, but when I go through the sign in instead of sign up flow, the app blueprint isn't actually loaded. Is there another way to get the JSON or similar for this into my account to play around with?


This one too! Retool AI Utilities | Summarize Rows for a Table

Hi @jmr1234 I believe these both work now :crossed_fingers: Let me know if you're still seeing issues

@Tess When I click the try it button, it asks me to sign in, which I complete (even though I'm already signed in) and then just drops me on my apps main page. So, still not working.

Very strange :thinking: Thank you for flagging. They were working for me previously, but both do appear to be broken still. Checking in with the team that owns these & will follow up here!