Doubt regarding Production , staging and is there any way to manipulate 2 different database using 1 app in retool

Currently I'm using 2 different DB one is production db (for data that will be shown to user) and other is development db (dummy data for development). Right now I have to maintain 2 apps in retool since I want to manipulate 2 different DB and this is a hassle because if I add any feature to dev retool app, then I have to go and recreate it in prod app. Is there any way that I can create just 1 app but manipulate 2 different db using it. Like when in editing dev db will be manipulated and when in preview prod db will be manipulated.

How have you set up your resources? Can you share a screenshot?
You should be able to set up a resource for both staging and for production that can connect to your two instances.
So, when in edit mode, and if in staging, the resource would use the staging configuration...
Also, the availability to set up both staging and production configurations for one resource is not available when using the Free plan afaik

Hey, sorry for late reply. If you are okay with it can we do a gmeet real quick , cause it'll take less time and would be faster