Devide two queries and display result?

Hi All

I have a table displaying the results of some quries all working as expected.
I have added an additional row that i want to devide and display the result of two quries but unsure how to proceed.

Below is 2 quries in my table.

{{['0'] }}
{{['0] }}

is there any nifty trick to devide these and show in my table for example

{{['0'] }} / {{['0] }}

or by using the output of the querie that was already triggered by trying to add them in an array?


If you are populating the table with both of those queries and each value is in it's own column, you can add a custom column that looks at each value and perform division.
In your custom column you would have {{currentRow.all_locations/currentrow.all_guests}}
Like the following:

Thanks Heaps.