Multiple Queries Targeting Single Table

Is there a way to send the results of different queries to the same table?

If I have qryOne and qryTwo, what would the syntax be to indicate to a table's Data field that either query could populate it?

I tried {{}}{{}}, but it's obviously not quite that easy...or is it?

Hi Wrapmate, do you want the results of each query to be in the table one after another or is there some logic to display the results from qryOne or qryTwo?


I've figured it out! In the interest of sharing (or revealing that I didn't do it correctly) here is how I approached.

@ksiegel, to answer your question: it is either/or - either qryOne or qryTwo...but never both at the same time. Here's a screenshot to illustrate:

Here's what ended up working:

  1. The top 3 fields & search button trigger qryOne.
  2. Changing the field of the bottom 4th field triggers qryTwo.
  3. I created a new JavaScript query called qryReturnResults that includes this code:
var obj = eval(triggeredById);
return; // the subkey is also 'data'
  1. In both qryOne and qryTwo, under the General tab, scroll down AFTER THIS QUERY RUNS, in the On success trigger, enter qryReturnResults.
  2. Finally, in the table's Data field, enter {{}}

Now, either the top 3 fields & search button...or the bottom 4th field...can trigger a query that populates the table.

Open to hear feedback on if this was correct, or if there is a better approach!