Working with Multiple Arrays from various sources in one table. - Help Please

Hi All,

Still getting my head arround this amazing piece of kit.
My next questions is that i have 5 API requests to fetch weather information.
one for today and 4 for the same date from the past 4 years.

The responce returned from the API is

"latitude": -33.7,
"longitude": 151.1,
"generationtime_ms": 0.3559589385986328,
"utc_offset_seconds": 39600,
"timezone": "Australia/Sydney",
"timezone_abbreviation": "AEDT",
"elevation": 519,
"daily_units": {
"time": "iso8601",
"temperature_2m_max": "°C"
"daily": {
"time": [
"temperature_2m_max": [

To use the results in my table i have used {{ }} in my table data field and seems to display nicely as per below

Now, if i want to add the results of all my api queries into the same table i assume i need to use an array? If so this is what i have been doing,

{{ }},
{{ }},
{{ }},
{{ }},
{{ }},


Now as soon as i do that the table results include brackets and quotations etc as per below. Is there anyway to remove those ?


Lastly, I am trying to insert one more query results into a new coloumn on the same table that will provide a count of products sold on that same day over the past 5 years as per the temprature.
My query results for the query are as per below


How can i go about adding those dynamic results into the above table?


Thanks everyone in advance.

Hi @pete82! You can key into those arrays by setting both column mappers like this:

The second question will involve a bit more logic. We typically recommend handling this in a JS transformer & then passing that transformer into the table. Here's a potential solution: