Description/ Notes Field

It would be great if queries, transformers and temporary states had an additional field/ tab in the editor for notes or description. This would allow people to document the purpose and any quirks of a query to make it easier for other people to work on the app.

In normal development I think most people would use code comments but due to the smaller "editor" areas in the Retool app I think this would be a good addition. Example layout below...

One step further would be a way to generate documentation for Retool apps, pulling from the proposed description/notes field, any parameters and outputs etc.

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+1 Currently we use asana and just create all the issues around areas within an app that require work to complete

Agree - the built-in documentation is limited to per-app, which isn't ideal.
I use code comments for this purpose too, it would be nice if the editor window could collapse these maybe.

Hey everyone, thank you for the suggestions. This feature request has been filed and we will update this post as necessary!