Add info-text to an app


I'd like to propose to have a "Info" option here:

It just needs to be a place where we can store info about the app. Something we need to remember or anything else. Just plain text is OK!

Thank you!




Yes! I would put all of the details about how the app works here - global comments and developer documentation.

Edit: I would definitely want to use Markdown in there.

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Great idea @PatrickMast and @bradlymathews! Would this get close to what you're looking for?

I _just_ learned about this today from @Tess :grin: Click on the name of the app in the top center of the page when editing an app, and it will open fields like "editor readme" and "user documentation". You can set the user documentation to show automatically for end users the first time they see your app, if you'd like them to see some info upfront:

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Love this! Ever since jumping on to Business Plan, we were able to write user documentation and both internal and external (public apps) appreciate a How-To guide when they first jump in to the app. :nerd_face:

But yes, I do agree that it should be placed alongside settings or the left panel.


I know about this Docs section, but I thought that was visible to all Users, not just editors. Playing with it I see that the User documentation section is shown the user, but not the ReadMe. So that would work for my purpose.

But still +1 on the OP, putting it in the side bar makes sense.

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Ok great, yeah I think that makes sense too, it'd probably be more discoverable in the sidebar than where it lives now, and from my perspective it seems like this would continue our theme of aiming to consolidate where things live in the UI/IDE.

I created a feature request internally to move the editor readme and user documentation options to the sidebar under App settings as @PatrickMast suggested. Will keep y'all posted, thanks again for this idea!

Love when I discover Retool features based on users' questions/feedback :star_struck: Will definitely be using the editor readme and user documentation myself now :writing_hand: :books: :rocket:


Thank you @kbn! :pray: