Debugging: History Offset Parameter & JSON Download

Recently saw this great post in the community about debugging apps using history offset and thought that it might be helpful to post here since its pretty hidden in the documentation.

@jSims wraps this up pretty well - If you include a component that breaks your app and its hard to delete it due to the app constantly crashing, you could

add ?_historyOffset=10 to the end of your URL which will allow you to "travel back in time" 10 steps. You can increase the number to go further back in time if you still don't see any app data. The idea here is to go back to the most recent working version before the chart so you don't have to redo as much work (i.e. going back 10000 steps would likely work, but it could be many, many changes behind). - @jSims

You could also -

Does anyone else have any schnazzy tricks to debug their apps?