Data entry approval system

How can I create a simple task management system to assign tasks and then review and approve them. A group of users can create tasks as drafts and another group of users can approve those.

You need a couple of tables
Table A Users who create tasks (in draft mode)
Table B Users who review tasks, approve, and then assign them
Table C Task table with Approve/Deny and Assigned columns

Then you would write some queries that input data into each of these tables according to what needs to be done by either sets of users. (for example, creating a task would be an INSERT into your TASK table., etc.)

Thank you, but how can I do the authorization, user base authorize via retool? or any other custom authorization/signin system needs to be created?

Oh, you want someone to sign in to this task approval system?
You could create a simple username/pw table and go against that for validation or you can try implementing something like Custom API authentication

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cool, thank you.