Customize table header text

The table header says "Showing n results"; e.g.:

So a problem with this is that sometimes in the application domain the table is not showing "results" as in the results from a query but is showing something else such as:

  • Showing 5 items in inventory.

  • This repair kit contains 4 replacement parts.

  • 42 transactions since March 1.

You get the idea. It would be nice to be able to customize this string and have the number of rows be a parameter to some expression that is customizable.

Hi @Roland_Alden,

I am a little confused on this -- I don't see a 'header' option in the table component. Is what you are showing coming from some other application? And this is what you are trying to build in Retool?

That screenshot is a Retool app. It's not called a "header" in the table properties because table properties offers no adjustment for it. But in the color selections there is a reference to these items:


And if you change them it is that text which changes.

Are you talking about the 'Toolbar'? It looks like maybe you have this property 'Position' set to show 'Above'?

Either way, I don't think that this is a property that we have access to based on the documentation:

It probably would be more accurate to say the Table Toolbar is inside the Table Header. But yes, that's it. Maybe you can file this as a feature enhancement request.

This workaround might help


We can make sure there is an internal request for this! :slightly_smiling_face: It's not currently supported, but it may be possible with some custom code as @dcartlidge suggests

I will give it a try. Thanks!