Removing the result count from specific tables

I have a summary table that only has one row of summary data for a child table. On the summary table the is the "1 Result" row on the bottom. I want to remove that bottom row for only one table (not all).

What is the best way to do that? For example, can I use custom css and set the #ID of the table so that rule only applies to that table.

See example with highlighted "0 results" text

Go to Appearance...Advanced Options and uncheck Show Footer


What if you want to remove the record count but keep the footer (e.g. to place the standard filter, export, refresh toolbar there)?

set the toolbar to "top" position:

Right. But what if I want to keep the footer, i.e. keep the the toolbar below the table, and remove the count.

ah ya you'll need to add custom css. try:

#myTableName--0 > div > span{
display: none

Right on - thanks, will give that a shot when I get back into cleaning up there a resource/guide in the docs on the various elements that can be managed with custom CSS? For instance, I would think there is a way to format the "group by" rows in the table differently than others: how could I find that element?

Hi @jg80, if we would like to keep the footer but hide the text from the "Summary row" for this specific table, we can also set the text color to transparent:

Here is the doc on Custom CSS. But if you are selecting something deeply nested, we can inspect and use Chrome dev tools to find the correct CSS selector:

For that element I got:
#table1--0 > div._8HBl0 > div._c9X6x > ol > div > div > li > div:nth-child(3) > div
I was able to change the color with that selector. However, something to keep in mind, class names and ids may change overtime with new version releases. We may need to update our selectors over time. Therefore, I would try doing any custom CSS through the UI first.

Thanks @Paulo - I was looking specifically to remove the results count, which doesn't look editable in the UI (changing the font color would work perfectly well for that).

When I used the Dev Tools to find it, I came up with: #table1--0 > div._GqQVz > span, which seems manageable on the one hand, but not critical enough of a change to make custom CSS worth the trouble at this point.

Very much appreciate the additional info!

@jg80, you are welcome!