Custom Sort for Table Group By

Currently when grouping a table by a column there are sort options of ascending or descending. I would like to be able to define a custom sort order.

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Noted, thank you! Do you have any specific examples of a custom sort order?

In my use case we want to group the appointments by status. The status options include: unscheduled, scheduled, closed, invoiced, canceled, etc. We would like to customize the order which these groups are displayed.

Thank you so much! I went ahead and shared that with the eng team working on our Table component.

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Any news regarding this?

We do have these new(ish) docs on column sorting!

Would you mind sharing more about your specific use case so I can share it with the eng team working on column sorting? :slight_smile:

I think I can share something I was just asked by my client...

I have a table of orders, including customer, supplier, etc.

I am using the group by customer and ideally would like to sort by the count desc, so the customers with the most orders first. (that's my first issue)

then, i'd like to at least sort the children by another column (in this case, supplier)

i see i can sort by supplier, which is helpful, but i don't see the option to remove sorting on column headers anymore and i swear those were on the older table. it looks like removing sorting could be accomplished by removing the column headers, but that's not an option