Disabling sort in new table component

With the new table component, I can't seem to find the some features that were in the legacy table component:

  • ability to disable sorting
  • dynamic height

Another feature of the legacy table that I can't find in the new one is dynamic column settings.

Hi @andy.barilla

Thanks for reaching out!

We're working on a feature for disabling sorting, as well as adding auto height! We are also actively working on adding dynamic column settings. I'll post here when these ship

We don't have feature parity between the two tables yet, but we're still actively working on the new table :blush:

I believe auto height is shipping to Cloud next week :smile:

Hi @Tess - have you guys shipped Disable Sort yet?

It's connected to this issue:

  • I don't want to show US$2.25 in my table, I want $2.25
  • The only way to get $2.25 is to use a string
  • I don't want users to be able to sort numbers formatted as strings
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Hi @Henry14! Unfortunately, we haven't shipped the feature for disabling sorting yet, but I'll let the team know that someone checked in

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