Custom Domain Google SSO not working

I'm running into some weirdness where google sso works fine for my retool subdomain ( but doesn't for my custom domain.

I see the series of calls to the auth server and redirect happening but something isn't working after that.

**Network tab for my (working) **

Network tab for my custom domain (not working)

I think the pertinent difference is that in the retool subdomain case, I see the /saveAuth immediately fire but in the custom domain case, only /checkAuth fires (and it fails because the auth credentials were not persisted I assume)

I'm pretty certain googleSSO was configured correctly but here are some screenshots in case it helps


the solution was to just create a new google project.
" Projects configured with a publishing status of Testing are limited to up to 100 test users listed in the OAuth consent screen. A test user consumes a project's test user quota once added to the project."