Currency in table

Thousand separator don't work in currency table.

When I set the currency to EUR it works but few minutes later the US$ is back.



Hey Erwan, I haven't been able to replicate this, do you think you could send some screenshots so I can help you figure out what's going on?

Hey Joey,

Thank you for your return, unfortunately, a screenshot won't help you...

As you can see here, I set both variables as EUR currency and they go back to $US on their own.

Best regards,

Hey @Erwan, I'm also unable to reproduce this behavior on my end. Can you share a screenshot of your settings for the columns where you're seeing this issue?

And can you share what Retool version you're running? If you click the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen, a menu showing your Retool version will pop up.


I have the same version : Retool version 2.83.16

Unfortunately I can't show you a useful screenshot because when I set everything up it works, and this is only few hours or days later that the "EUR" currency disapear.

Thnkas for your answers !

Hey @Erwan, Sweet thanks for sharing your version number. Could you share a screenshot of your settings for the columns where this is happening anyway? I'd just like to see how these columns are configured.

Hey @everett_smith,
Here is a screenshot of the value :

Thanks a lot for you help !

Hey @Erwan, thanks for sharing that screenshot of your column settings! To ensure I'm trying to reproduce the issue you're seeing as best I can, can you share what some of the underlying data that's input to the table in this column looks like?