Change date format inside of a table

Hi everyone,

I am currently struggling with date format...
I am French, and I need to display the data as DD/MM/YYYF in a table.
I use the js : moment(self).format('DD/MM/YYYY') as suggested in the moment.js doc and it seems to work !

However, the date in the table are reformatted into another format ... (mixing the day and month btw).

Could someone help me on that, I would really appreciate it !

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Check the column type that is set to see if it is Auto or Date. Retool recently updated some the formatting for dates so check the update docs too

The column type is Date, because I need to select a date.
Didn't find what I looking for in the doc..

@Erwan Check this when adding a date you need to have the field be in this format:
See screenshot:

Hi @ScottR thanks for you answer, but I am currently in a table. So I don't have the possibility to change the format.
EI : image

Thanks a lot for your time and interest,

@Erwan you can format that value in Mapped value field.

@ScottR A mentionned in my first post, I can format the date but the table won't display the date as I want!
I think now you fully understand where I'm stuck !

There is a similar post out there asking the same sort of thing:

Oh and try switching the column from Date type to auto and then use format function to see if that forces the change.

I need to keep the format as Date because I need the user to enter only dates.
If it's in auto, the user will be able to insert text and I don't want that !

For now, it seems that I will be stuck with the american format, but it woud be great to be able to change it in the future

Hey @Erwan! Are you using the new Date or Date Time column? We released new features, like the Display option, that might be helpful!
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 12.29.52 PM.png

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That's exactly what I wanted !!

Thanks a lot retool team !

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