Crash after upgrading retool, i.useContext(...) is null


Unfortunately, I am unable to upgrade Retool from backend:3.44.0-edge to backend:3.46.0-edge or any later version. Reverting to earlier versions works fine

i.useContext(...) is null:

Cannot destructure property 'basename' of 'i.useContext(...)' as it is null:

Do somebody know how to solve this problem?

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Same issue, attempting to upgrade self-hosted from 3.33.31-stable to 3.52.3-stable. I had to revert back to 3.33.31-stable.

Hi there, Thanks for reporting - I'm looking into this!

If either of you still have an instance with this error, we'd love to see a screen recording with the network tab open. It would also be helpful to get the container logs, and ideally a HAR file of what you're seeing on the frontend when the issue is thrown.

I'd also be curious what browser folks are using and if it happens in a private browser window (i.e. with browser extensions disabled, cache cleared)

Lastly, it's worth restarting your containers to see if it resolves the issue. We've had a couple of one off reports of this error, but so far, it has anti-climatically gone away.

Hi @Tess ,

Thank you for your response. I've successfully upgraded to the latest version today; the only change was upgrading from Free to the Team plan.

@Dave_Stimpert, please check on your side.

I tried again, all prepared to gather lots of data for you. This time I upgraded to 3.52.4-stable. Both fortunately and unfortunately everything is working fine this time.

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Well, I'm glad it's working for you! We'll continue to investigate internally