Could not invite user with existing account in other organization

My organization is trying to add me, but getting the error in the subject when doing so.
I have not created any other organization, and attempting to login with my account via SSO prompts me to create a new organization (which I have not done).

Can my e-mail and all associations with this account be archived, so my organization can invite me successfully?


Hi Chaboy,

We can absolutely do that, but could you please login and write us a chat so we can handle this for you? Alternatively send us an email to from your email.


Update! :slightly_smiling_face: :tada: You can now archive your own account (to help get you out of the wrong org).

You can navigate to Settings > Account > check the bottom of the page and click the "Archive account" button there.

If you run into any issues, we'll gladly help get things sorted!

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Thank you Victoria
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