Connect Retool database with Zapier/Make

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I have a question regarding the Retool Database, I am trying to connect my Google Forms to the Retool Database with Make or Zapier. For this, I need to use PostgreSQL, but I don't know where to find the data to fill in to get the connection to the database. I tried it with a Connection string, but that doesn't work. Here is a screenshot of the things I need to fill in:

Does anyone know, where I can find this data in order to make this work?
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I have the same question. Thank you for posting it.

Hey all,

so the connection string just holds all the information for Host, Port, DB etc.

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 01.00.36 needs these variables individually filled out, it doesn't support connection strings.

Copy your connection string and fill out your details as follows:



User: `production`
Pasword: `xxxxxxx`
Host: ``
Port: `5432`
Database: `production`

Hope that helps :v: