Getting getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND when trying t connect to retool postgress db

Hi there,

Something weird started to happen early today, and I am not getting anywhere.

I have up until today connected to retool Postgres db, and it has been working for months with no issue, but suddenly I started to get the following error message:
getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

Could it be that the credentials had expired? However, I have already reset the Postgres connection and no luck :confused:

Does anybody have a hint for this?


Hey @DocShades can you check the connection information in the RetoolDB UI? There were some orgs that were migrated from one db provider to another and looks like your org was included in that migration, which means the connection string has changed. There should have been an email that went to you detailing this, though the timeline was pushed back a couple of weeks so it may have contained incorrect dates for the migration.

Hi @joeBumbaca , thank you for getting back to me this quick.

I had a hunch about it, but not sure.

However, I've reset the connection, but I still have no luck connecting to the db, why this may be happening?

Can you DM me what credentials you are using? That error you have in your initial post doesn't look like it's using the updated information.

Hey all, just to update this thread. A couple of configuration switches on the end, and the connection was successful. For posterity, when attempting to use an encrypted connection, make has settings for this vs sending them in the host / connection string.

You can set Encrypt to Yes and Reject Unauthorized to either Yes or No.