Configure options in Plotly component

It would be great to be able to configure the options for i.e. showing the toolbar, removing some buttons, etc. within the Retool plotly component.

e.g. this codepen shows what I'd like to achieve - remove some buttons from the mode bar, and show it

Is there a way to do this now, or would it be a new feature?



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You can fine-tune the graph via the JSON field for the plotly graph. Not everything is built-in "natively" yet as far as I know.

Not for this purpose, as far as we can tell.

Can you provide a working JSON implementation? Retool only exposes data/layout, not config.



What do you mean by "config"? If you want to tune the visual appearance of your data you can use the "layout" JSON. Not sure you can do the axis zoom...

I found it incredibly hard to find good documentation of this tho (Plotly's side).

Take a look at the codepen example - you can configure the mode bar and the options available to e.g. download the chart as an image.

Retool doesn't support interacting with that configuration from their Plotly component.

Does that make sense? It's not a visual appearance question, it is a chart function one.

Ooh, got ya :metal: Yeah that would be cool! The menu is enabled by default and can be disabled when initializing plotly, so they did that for a reason. But exposing some of that in the editor would be awesome.

@minijohn any updates on this feature? I want to be able to download plotly chart as an image



@dusty-campanella-maxa I don't know :stuck_out_tongue: I don't work for Retool. Not aware that it's on the roadmap afaik

Hey all, I'm chiming in from Support here :wave: @jacks, you can use (and customize) the plot's toolbar with a custom chart component.

You'll encounter some limitations to the functionality of the toolbar since the custom component runs in a sandboxed iframe. For instance, 'Download plot as a png' won't work.

@dusty-campanella-maxa you can download a custom chart component with the workaround I laid out in this community post. I hope that helps with your use case!

+1 to the initial feature request, it's great to see there's a workaround, but it would be wonderful if plotly's configuration options were supported natively!

+1, as a developer I would find this feature extremely useful. We're a small software team that really leverages Retool's low-code profile to deliver quick business value. One of our stakeholders are Scientists who have requested many times being able to pan, zoom, and download the Plotly charts so we've had to implement workarounds for native functionality of Plotly.