Plotly.js Modebar

Hi Team
I noticed we default to not show Modebar for plotly charts.
I wonder if there is a way to get that?

Hi Leo0001,
´╗┐With how the plotly charts component is built right now, it is not possible to show Modebar. However, I can add this as a feature request to our internal dev team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Hi @grace any news on that? We would like to the possibility to download the plot as a fixed image (download plot as png). Currently it seems impossible... Or is there any other way?

Hey Philippe, no updates on the feature request as of yet, but could utils.downloadPage potentially work for your use case? The only thing is it will download as a PDF instead of a PNG. Here are the docs on utils.downloadPage() for your reference.

+1 on the request for modebar being available in a chart.

DronaHQ has this native so in my evaluation between Retool and DronaHQ, DronaHQ definitely has a big leg up.