Components disappearing when i log into my app

Hello , I am in a bit of an issue . I have added components such as dropdowns and text input which keep disappearing when I log out and log back in....
I think there is a bug and I always have to reset component to hidden false. Have you had the same issue? Has anyone report this bug to Retool developpers ? Images enclosed

@Retool_Moderator @victoria could I get any support ?

After trying Retool to build a web app for a client , the new components are very buggy and it's nearly impossible to test the web app because components with data source keep disappearing , don't work correctly etc... /// I 've tried to get support through forum but users are not too active and support takes days...
In these circumstances, I have to abandon Retool for another solution because I can't manage a project for a client with such risks. I also don't understand why it's not simple to speak to a Retool developer for support directly.
This is my last desperate call for help ;

Hey @Ecommfox, we haven't had any other reports of this and I can't reproduce the issue.

Can you share a bit more about the issue? Is the hidden property being set to true when you reopen the app? Is the component completely gone? Would be great if you could share an export of the app so that I can take a look. Thanks!

Hello @joeBumbaca i'm sorry for not being active earlier to respond, the development step of my project has already started but we finally stuck to Retool because it has a better UI then other tools. The bug I had does not happen with legacy list components which is the solution I went for to solve my issue.

So first I 've tried sending a report but I'm not sure I have been doing it right. Could you share the right procedure for creating and sending a bug report once more ? Thank you

The bug happens within the list components ( new) , it seems that any form input fields added to a repeating list are affected and disappear almost everytime I switch to preview mode which is very inconvenient for user testing.
I made sure that the hidden value is set to true and checked with the debug console in preview mode as well. The component is there but not visible but I realized that when the repeating list is longer the components stays visible for the last li element of the repeating list.
I have made several backup so let me share the export of the app with the recreated issue in my next reply.

Hey @Ecommfox, sorry if I'm misunderstanding but

I made sure that the hidden value is set to true and checked with the debug console in preview mode as well. The component is there but not visible

If the Hidden property is set to true, then this is the expected behavior. The component exists, but is hidden from view in preview mode.

I believe I had dynamically set the Hidden value , but it kept disappearing so I had tried to force it as "false" ( sorry that was a *typo) and finally in the repeating list only the first item didn't show . But this behavior does not happen with the legacy repeating list View