Table keeps hiding?

My tables keep hiding for no reason... I keep on deleting them and recreating them because I can't find the source of the issue, but they keep hiding. Is anybody else having this issue?

@Max_Pauwels can you inspect that hidden table and scroll to Appearance section, check if the Hidden property is set to true statically or if there's a fx that's turning that to hidden?

Your screenshot is showing an inspection of the tab component so we can't really inspect the hidden table.

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I meet this problems several times. My solution is just refresh the broswer.


This is maybe a bug.

Interesting! :thinking:

I'm also curious if there is maybe a condition or event that is setting the hidden property to true. Does it show up correctly when you reload the app? That would make me lean towards some event handler or script that is overwriting the hidden property

If it's still hidden on page load, that sounds more like a bug.

Happy to take a look if you're able to share an app JSON export.

I will reply here next time I meet this.
The component is hidden no reason, and if you check the hidden value, it was indeed set to false, then event you right click the component and reset the status of component, it still hidden.

Hello, it happen again, here is screenshot.


Hi @AnsonHwang, thanks so much for sharing! :disappointed: :thinking: Very strange.

Our team is looking into a couple of cases where this is happening inside of a nested container (listview ->container, multiple containers, etc). Is the select inside of a container or form?

If you can share an export of your app, I'll pass it on to the team for an example.


Experiencing this issue myself today.

In my case input text boxes and checkbox components are hidden. They are within a container that is within a List View

Changing the value of the hidden box seems to make it reappear at least temporarily.

Here is a video showing the behaviour.

Thanks, @Ross_Coombes Flagging to the team! Will let you know when the bug is fixed