Components are not loading on app load

On switching from one app to another, retool components are not loading and when I am manually refreshing the page, it is loading.

Can anyone please help me for the same?

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Hi. Did you look for any errors in the console? Have you tried to load both: In the same tab and in a new tab?

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Hi @SIMTEC-Software-Solutions , Thanks for your reply.

Yes there are errors in the console and also while opening it in new tab it is running fine.

Okay, the fault should be in one of your query logic. Can you post them?

@SIMTEC-Software-Solutions , On page load I am running only one elastic search query.

Are you opening with only one curly brace but closing with two? Is this a javascript query with option "on page load"? Or where did you put your code?

This is a source query.

Did you try to fix this?:

It is in the correct format only. Problem is not in the query, because if there is any problem in the query, it will not load in the new tab too, right ?

I watched a series of such weird behavior. So that was the first thing that came into my mind. In your second picture, it i looks like a valid JSON. Does it work now?

Second idea is: Do you have some state-values? Maybe there is a runtime conflict when passing initial values and/or changing them?

There is no value for initialization of this query. I think this one is causing the issue.

Because when I am opening app in another tab this error is not in the console.

Without knowing your exact code, it looks like you have at least one value/state that causes troubles. But when reloading (session in retool seems to end, in my experience) or opening in another tab (also new session) this value gets "fresh information" and your page/app works.

Maybe this helps you with your search!

Sorry that i couldn't help more! If you have any idea for my problem (or a little time to read), i would appreciate!

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Thanks for your help!
I will look for your suggestion.
I will take a look to your ticket too, If I can be helpful.