Component for visualizing schedules, bookings,

Hi everyone,

We are building a tool for one of our clients that requires us to visualize a schedule. Many scheduling tools use a view like this:

We want to avoid creating a custom component so we can currently achieve this functionality by using the Retool table component, but it adds a lot of overhead. It would be great to have an out-of-the-box Retool component for this.

This component could be used extensively for visualizing schedules, bookings, work schedules, resource plannings, etc.

In this way, Retool could be more widely used in organizations that want to create an internal tool for managing schedules.

This would also be a solution for this feature request without "misusing" a Gantt chart for this use case.

What are your thoughts?




According to the docs, the Calendar component in Retool uses FullCalendar, which has a Timeline layout option. Would it be feasible for the Retool engineers to enable access to this view in the current component?
Feels like it may solve many of these questions ( @victoria ? )


Hi there! Thanks for sending this over @dcartlidge, and thanks @Dennis_De_Reyer for sharing this use case/feedback. I can add exposing the timeline layout option as a feature request!


Hey! Do you have any updates on this? Will a scheduling component be included in your features on the roadmap? In the meantime, we've come across several more customers who could really use this feature to deploy Retool as a complete internal tool.

Use cases we encountered with customers were to build internal tools for scheduling:

  • Resources: Creating a schedule of who will work when. This tool integrates with many other data sources connected to Retool.
  • Rooms/Venues: A customer in the event sector would like to create an app to manage the occupancy of their rooms and venues.

Some customers are exploring tools like Float and ResourceGuru, but they don't need all the functionalities or prefer not to purchase an additional internal tool to manage these matters.

Meanwhile, we are looking into whether we can build a custom component based on these functionalities:
Ideally, we would have a "Retool Scheduling" component for this purpose :slight_smile:


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I've come across a couple of cases where a timeline-like visualisation would have been a great. @Tess are there any updates regarding this feature request?



Hi all,

Thanks for sharing your interest & use cases -- I'll share those details internally as well! I don't believe this is on our current roadmap :disappointed: (but I'll check in with the team about increasing the priority), so it may make sense to explore a custom component for the time being


Dennis can you share any more details on how you are using the table component to do resource schedules? As others have said we're seeing the same issues with full cal as it currently implemented. Is the screen shot from your current solution?

Hi Chris,

Yes we created a solution like this for one of our clients:

If you click on a cell, the user will get a model like this:

We've added some extra CSS and did some workarounds but now it works really well. Here you can see the full use case of that project: Sixth Generation - GTS Projects


Dennis thanks for sharing this and the link to your case study - it was very helpful for us to see the visual!



It was a useful article

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Just wanted to jump in here and say how useful I would find this feature. We are looking to replace a scheduling tool that we use at work, and I've managed to migrate every other feature of what we do into Airtable. For the developers - just a +1 to have a view/tool like this made available, and to everyone else in the thread, I'm wondering what you ended up using in the meantime?