Component for visualizing schedules, bookings,

Hi everyone,

We are building a tool for one of our clients that requires us to visualize a schedule. Many scheduling tools use a view like this:

We want to avoid creating a custom component so we can currently achieve this functionality by using the Retool table component, but it adds a lot of overhead. It would be great to have an out-of-the-box Retool component for this.

This component could be used extensively for visualizing schedules, bookings, work schedules, resource plannings, etc.

In this way, Retool could be more widely used in organizations that want to create an internal tool for managing schedules.

This would also be a solution for this feature request without "misusing" a Gantt chart for this use case.

What are your thoughts?



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According to the docs, the Calendar component in Retool uses FullCalendar, which has a Timeline layout option. Would it be feasible for the Retool engineers to enable access to this view in the current component?
Feels like it may solve many of these questions ( @victoria ? )


Hi there! Thanks for sending this over @dcartlidge, and thanks @Dennis_De_Reyer for sharing this use case/feedback. I can add exposing the timeline layout option as a feature request!