Where is Calendar booking tool


where I can find Calendar booking tool demo?

Hi @renatoR thanks for reporting this issue! I've let the team know we need to fix the link as it looks like you can't access the template once you've signed in

Let us know if you have any questions about building a similar app from scratch in the meantime!

Hi there! My team informed me that this Calendar Booking example actually doesn't have a template -- it's more of inspiration for building an app in Retool :slightly_smiling_face: Definitely let us know if you want to chat further about what this type of app could look like

Hi @Tess,

thank you, but some time ago I saw a template that displays free 30-minute slots for booking meeting rooms

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Hi @renatoR I haven't been able to track down a Retool meeting room booking app template :disappointed:

But I did find a few community posts that might be of interest!