Calendar with timeline view for manage slot booking system

I’m building a slots booking system for a business that I have.
We rent home alarm systems in my business, so I need to manage the availability of the kits.
I need a horizontal timeline view, where it has to be a column in the left with the alarm kits and then, the timeline in the right with an infinite calendar with the slots that are booked (per days) and the ones that are free.
This is with the objetive of have a visual tool to quickly manage the free and busy slots.
I put here an example here:

Hi Adrián! That’s a great idea, and thank you including the screenshot. I will add that to our feature request list. Just to clarify, are you thinking of this simply as a timeline to display information, or more like an editable gantt chart that allows you to add and remove new slots?

The perfect tool would be like that part of Gantt, that you could click and drag in the days you want.

But what I mean is not a Gantt, you could add more than one appointment in the same line, because the same system can be used more than one.

Thank you for the clarification Adrián. We are considering adding alternative views for calendars. Will keep you updated!

Did you guys ever implement some kind of Gantt component? I need something similar in our organization.