Color picker component

It'd be neat to have some kind of component that allows the user to choose colors. In our use case, we have google sheets scripted with all kinds of conditional formatting, and we want the users to be able to choose the colors for those different conditions. More common use-cases could revolve around choosing folks' settings in this or in other apps.

As Victoria helpfully demo'd here, you can create a rudimentary color picker by coloring a component according a hex value input into a text box, but I think it'd be neat to have a fully featured color picker - either with a spectrum (not sure the proper art term for this), like so:


or with a palette that you could define, like so:



Added a slightly more interactive version with sliders to the thread:

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That's pretty neat! We'll use this for now.

+1 on having a full featured colour picker

Here is a cool little tool if you want to create your own and don't know the code.....color code

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Wanted to pop a quick update in here, this is now a native Retool component: Color Input | Retool Component Library