Chart wont show empty values?

Hey guys. I have some data I am trying to pass in a chart. It properly shows the data I want it to, but I am comparing things to time on the X axis, so as it shows properly the count of when something was made over time I also want to see when something wasnt made. Ive tried to edit the plotly json text for every bit of the chart adding things to the JSON like xbins or setting the number of dticks to something more than one but at the end of the day it only shows the data thats there. I dont know what else to do. I will attach a picture of what i mean, in the picture i have 7 days selected in my date range but only one day that has data is showing. Its the only day that has data but for reference I want to see the other days

Please let me know how i can display this if theres a way. Thanks.

@colin_k Hi Colin, I believe the standard behavior is that the chart would display all date values including dates with missing data, but only between available data. So for instance, if you had data for Oct 26 and Nov 1 in your example you should be able to see the time series increments in between the two in your chart. If the source dataset also included rows for dates with missing data, for example a value of 0 for October 27th and any other day where there was no scan count, that would likely give you maximum control over how the data is displayed.